Commonly known as Nose job or Nose reshaping surgery.

Over 10% of population has some degree of nasal deformity; some being congenital and some being traumatic. The commonest deformities are saddle nose, broad nose, crooked nose, flat nose or parrot beak nose. A deviated nasal septum is also not uncommon. These are structural abnormalities.Breathing can also get compromised. Snoring & increased daytime sleepiness may be seen. Compromise of nasal canal causing difficulty in breathing occurs in severe cases.

Rhinoplasty helps in alleviating the functional as also providing a better cosmetic appearance.

Dr Gaurav Ahluwalia, has performed numerous Rhinoplasty surgeries over a span of a decade. He believes in incorporating new and advanced technology to the best of the patient. His skills give a negligible scar and longstanding results. All the concerns regarding the appearance are attended taking into consideration patient’s choice of nose and surgery is well planned ahead. As it is performed under General Anaesthesia, the patient stays quite comfortable. Any incisions that are made are on the normal skin creases.

Traumatic nasal deformity may needs complex corrections.

Removal of excess of tissues is done in parrot beak nose to give a sharp appearance.

The nasal bone height is adjusted with a bone graft for flat or saddle nose.

The nasal tip or deviated nasal septum is also corrected.
Rhinoplasty is classified into cosmetic surgery. It is one of common surgeries done by Bollywood actors & celebrities in different fields. In India it is still affordable & within the reach of common man. The benefits are golden as seen by a beautiful enhanced looks and better quality of breathing & sleep. We have different packages for same.

A beautiful nose will enhance your features and boost your confidence.