Speech Therapy & Swallowing Rehabilitation

Speech-Language and/or Behavioral Therapy:

Whether your child experiences communication, behavior, or academic difficulties, you will find the help you are seeking with the Speech, Language and Behavior team. We strive to provide quality and nurturing therapy services tailored to fit each client’s needs. We collaborate with the family, working together as a team to build a better future for your child and your family. Flexible session times are available and parents are free to sit in on therapy sessions and become involved with the process.

Our Speech Therapy Services Focus on Improving:

Common Speech and Language Disorders:


Swallowing disorder care

Swallowing disorders Clinic provides expert personnel and state-of-art equipments for diagnosis and treatment of swallowing disorders.

Swallowing problems (dysphasia) can occur at any point in the process of moving food,liquid,or sliva from the mouth through the

throat(pharynx),into the esophagus and to the stomach.

Condition Treated

Indication of a swallowing disorder may include

The swallowing Disorders clinic offers sophistic tools and treatment modalities.

Approach to Swallowing Disorders

The clinic unique approach involves evaluation of patients with swallowing problems by both an otolaryngologist and a speech pathologist as needed.